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The Product structure level and Market Competitiveness of Machine tool Industry have been obviously improved

Date:2018-6-26 Author: admin

Due to the gap with the international advanced level, China's machine tool industry is known as "low-end scuffle, high-end lost." However, in recent years, this situation is undergoing positive changes, the level of product structure and market competitiveness have been significantly improved. From a professional point of view to re-examine the actual competitive state of China's machine tool market in the past ten years, can be summarized as: "low-end civil war, middle-end competition, high-end loss." The classification of machine tool products is a relative and dynamic concept for a specific market, and there is no clear definition standard. however, people are used to using high, middle and low-end three categories to roughly distinguish the grade of machine tool products. By evaluating the competitive situation of domestic machine tools in the local market and imported machine tools, it can be seen that the focus of market competition for a long time is mainly in the middle-end field, but the competition situation in the low-end and high-end fields has not changed significantly. It has always been local enterprises to participate in the competition; in the high-end field, due to the gap, domestic machine tools basically do not have the ability to compete in the market. The middle-end market has been the main battlefield for domestic machine tools and imported machine tools, but also we have been on the verge of total loss of the field, competing for market share in this field, is the main direction of most machine tool enterprises for a long time. With the popularization of CNC machine tool technology in our country, the technology of middle-grade NC machine tool tends to mature continuously. coupled with the help of local advantages, the market competitiveness of domestic middle-grade CNC machine tool products is gradually enhanced, and the market share is gradually expanded. The market position has been consolidated day by day, gradually reversing the situation of long-term passive beatings. In the past 10 years, domestic machine tools have occupied half of the local mid-market, basically realizing the strategic transformation from passive defense to long-term stalemate and then to active attack. At the same time, China's machine tool enterprises have not given up their efforts in the high-end field because of the disparity in strength, and the national high-grade CNC machine tool major science and technology special project (hereinafter referred to as "special"), which was officially launched in 2009, has also played a powerful role in promoting. According to statistics, from 2009 to 2018, a total of 600 special projects, of which nearly 70% of the topics have been completed. The implementation of the special project has significantly accelerated the pace of technical research and development of high-grade CNC machine tools, their functional units and key components, many high-grade product varieties have achieved a leap from scratch, and some of the achievements of the project have won the opportunity of market application verification. It has further saved energy to participate in the market competition in the high-end field.

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